bridge The Encounter of the People of Austria with US Soldiers after World War II
An Austrian-American Dialogue

"...maybe our boys will get back to behaving"

"Krauts & Cokes. Although Americans had made a better impression on Austrians than on any other people in Europe, the Gemtlichkeit was riddled by flashes of bitterness. Usually broadminded, the Viennese grew jealous, called girls who fraternized with the chocolate-bearing G.I.s 'chocoladies'. The sprinkling (5%) of combat veterans among U.S. troops called the Austrians just plain Krauts, only softer.

Last month, soldiers in the U.S. zone were booked for 32 assaults, five rapes, three disorderly conducts, and one housebreaking. Cracked an MP officer: 'Now that we're getting quantity supplies of Coca-Cola, maybe our boys will get back to behaving.' But most G.I.s in Austria already had passing marks for behavior; and many were living up to their orientation slogan, 'Soldier, your are helping Austria'. The first crop of Austrian babies fathered by helpful G.I.s is sizeable."

"Time", July 29, 1946.

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